Saturday, November 3, 2012

watery hsq quilt

When my friend, Georgette, started using batiks and hand dyed for a half-square triangle quilt based on my tutorial, I had to copy it. Though I'm not typically a fan of batiks, 
I couldn't resist using these (and being already cut into 10" squares didn't hurt either).

Here's what I came up with (and yes, this was laying on my living room floor while my parents and niece and nephew were here this summer). Thanks for blockading the entire room, Mom.

It's more or less of full sized quilt and will go to our cottage for the 
summer months but is currently being used as an extra quilt on our bed.

Hand-dyed fabric is seafoam from my friend Wendy at Stipples, etc.

Quilting is also by my friend Wendy at Stipples, etc. She's a woman of many talents.
I haven't washed this yet, mainly because I'm impatient and have piles of clothing laundry that need washing. (My family isn't buying the line: Just wear the dirty clothes ... Mommy has a quilt to wash.)

So my watery hsq quilt is sitting pretty at the end of my bed 
(I think there might be know there are clothes heaped over it by now).

It kind of clashes with my planned to be Christmas quilt, that's turned into the everyday quilt 
(I have the fabric and the pattern for the everyday quilt).

I love it. Thanks, Georgette, for letting my copy you!

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Ruth said...

Love the quilt and the quilting - great job!