Thursday, December 6, 2012

quilt camp ... and yes, there are counselors

I'm off, well, almost.

After the kids have a half day and we make cookies.

And, after the first meeting of the Lego club at our house.

And, after I hang the new curtains in the family room.

And, after I finish some more laundry.

And, after I pack my clothes ... and six billion projects that I'll be sure to have all done when I get back!

In all seriousness, my husband got this for me for Christmas. Next to the doll house (long story), it's proving to be one of the best gifts ever (even though I haven't been there yet). It it truly the gift of time. 
For me to do something that I love, with people who are experts 
(aka the counselors as my family is calling them).

Now ... if I can just get these 'to do's' DONE!



Ruth said...

How fun! I want to go to quilt camp!

Carol Sc said...

Have a great time!! --- there's nothing like spending time doing something you love, with people you love (or, at least, are very fond of!).
P.S. The "prove you're not a robot" is a pain --- sorry, it's my opinion!

Sharon said...

Hi, Eileen!
I had so much fun with you at "camp"! Thanks for a fun weekend.