Monday, February 11, 2013

a girl and her quilts

Ana has a new quilt for her bed at the lake.

It's the same color scheme as her baby quilt that was made by my mom. It became (and still is) her blankie.

She loves it the old one.

And the new one is growing on her.

My pal, Wendy, quilted it. And, as usual, it looks great.

I'm not loving that the purples don't match exactly but I love that I didn't buy any new 
fabric for this (okay, maybe for the back). And the bluish purples will be under 
the pillow and at the end of the mattress.

Pattern is Chasing Windmills. Really easy.


julie said...

Hi Eileen,
Just wanted to drop you a note, i found your blog when someone clicked through from your blog to our shop. Thanks a lot for the link! I appreciate it. Your quilt turned out beautifully and I'm glad you found the pattern easy. Stay warm, spring is almost here!

Eileen Gianiodis said...

Thanks Julie. The pattern is very well done, easy to follow and has huge impact!

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