bloggers quilt festival

I'm linking to Blogger's Quilt Festival ... always so much fun to see what other people are quilting. It's totally inspiring and makes me continually wish for more hours in the day (ones specifically for quilting, no eating, practices, rides, work or grocery shopping). I'm entering this in the two-color quilt category ...

This quilt was a quick start and finish and I have to say it might become my go-to, need a quilt in a hurry. This one is for an auction to benefit scholarships in the college where I work. Hopefully, it will bring in some decent money. It's one of those things where I want to know how much it brings it, but only if it brings in a good sum ... you know, I only want the good news!

I chose a variety of greens from my stash and paired them with Kona snow. It's great to use fabrics you have (that you may have forgotten about) and remember how much you loved them. This one's green and white because I work at Michigan State. Also, good colors. Sometimes green and white in a quilt can get funky ... it's not like red and white or blue and white, but I'm really happy with how this turned out.

My pal, Wendy, did the machine quilting ... an all-over design. It's a twin-sized quilt.

Looking forward to seeing everyone's work in the Blogger's Quilt Festival. Thanks for visiting.

PS I'm just realizing now that this is my 198th post. Only a couple more until 200. I think I should do a super-awesome give-a-way, don't you?


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