Monday, February 21, 2011

baby boy quilt

So my friend, Mary, who's one of the best people I know, was preggers with her fourth this fall.

Having three boys already, I assumed she would have another.

That's why I made this quilt.

When she didn't. I made this quilt.

Now, I have a baby boy quilt with no owner.

I'm sure someone I know will have a boy sooner or later.

(I'm just realizing that there are no good pictures of this up close and personal, so apologies.)

Fabric: Felicity Miller, Kites in blue. Kona solid and the red is from my stash.

PS Mary asked me to teach her to sew (which is way more fun for me than for her, I'm sure). Loving it already! We made produce bags. Any ideas for projects for a beginning sewist?

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Anonymous said...

Tell Matt I'm sorry we disappointed him by not having that 4th boy, but I sure am happy to have Stella here! Off to JoAnn's . . .